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Designed with comfort, durability and practicality in mind.

Standard colours - solid black, solid blue, solid purple, solid red

These long reins are made from high quality round yachting rope which slides easily through the bit and and roller to ensure smooth contact and better control when long reining your horse. They connect to the bit with our exclusive connection knot. 

10mm  x 8m  (6m for long reining ponies)

Handmade in Australia


*** Custom Colours ***

Black with red fleck, black with blue fleck, blue with cream fleck, blue with red fleck, white with red fleck, pink with purple fleck, solid brown, solid green, green with gold fleck, solid black, solid blue, solid purple, solid red, white with blue fleck  

Custom orders can choose the connection knot to be the same colour as the lead or a contrasting colour. 

Please include a note on your order about what colour(s) you would like. Custom colour orders can take up to 3 weeks to be shipped.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your custom order then please contact Pia on 0437 708 205 or




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Great Reins
Written by Kimberley McCallum on 31st May 2018

The thickness is ideal to fit in the hand with ease, and provide the perfect balance of not too heavy, not too light. The knots are the best design i have come across, quick and easy to do up with no rattling or bumping on the horses mouth disrupting the feel to the hand. Great reins, this is my second set and the first set are still perfect despite being left out in the weather all year round.

Great quality product
Written by Sarah on 15th Jan 2018

I love the feel of the long reins in my hands and the contact to the horse. They are one of my most frequently used pieces of tack

Written by undefined on 11th Jan 2017

I love the double dan knot. Its very convenient. The reins are very good quality. I also have the lunge roller which lm also very happy with.

Awesome Long Reins
Written by Leonie Schilling on 30th Jul 2015

Exactly the quality I expected!! Thanks guys:)

My favorite piece of tack
Written by Sarah on 12th Apr 2015

I love my long reins, they feel nice in the hands and allow for an even contact on the horse. I use them to work young horses to help build muscle and flexibility.

an excellent product
Written by undefined on 6th Apr 2014

These reins make a good addition to my horse gear. After attending a DD clinic I became aware of the versatility of the reins and training advantages they allow. I would comment that it might be helpful if one could purchase one pair of reins in 2 colours.

Great Australian Product
Written by Sharyn Smith on 7th Sep 2013

The long reins are an asset to any training kit. The knots make it so easy to attach and remove. The weight of the rope is lightweight without the "wind flutter" factor that I'd had with my previous flat reins. They also untangle quickly and easily.....a plus after all that circling! One of my best buys yet

Written by Leanne on 14th Jun 2012

Purchased these to go with the doubly great DVD - love the fancy knots - works well. Looking forward to watching more DVDs and hopefully a clinic. The DD team are a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Great quality at a great price!!!
Written by Kylie Curry on 15th May 2012

I bought these at the clinic I attended and they are awesome! What I love most is that these guys only sell what they consider good quality products that they would use themselves. A lot of people will sell stuff just for the hell of it but not these guys. Everything is totally quality tested by these guys before they sell them so you know you are getting good quality stuff

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