Long Reining Level 2 DVD

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Building on the exercises of Long Reining Level 1, further refine your navigation accuracy with the long reins and learn how to gain more flexability and movement from your horse.  Learn advanced long reining exercises which incorporate the canter and include changes of speed and direction.

Follow Double Dan Horsemanships' 8 easy to understand exercises to help you develop advanced skills with the long reins that can easily transfer to exercises under saddle with your horse.

Build a solid foundation on your horse with this valuable training.

Approximate running time 54 minutes


1. Introduction

2. Roundness and Softness

3. One Inside Rein, One Direct Rein

4. The Backup

5. Speed, Changing Directions, Spirals

6. Serpentine

7. Advanced Lateral Movement

8. Wrap-up


Equipment used in this DVD - Bridle with snaffle bit, long reins, roller, driving and/or lunge whip

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