Snaffle Dee Bit

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Stainless Steel Western Dee with Copper embellished barrel joint and copper inlay on bars.

Designed for positive communication between horse and rider, with optimum tongue and lower bar comfort in mind. A great snaffle style bit for any age/education level horse to develop softness and responsiveness. The copper encourages salivation and a softer mouth. 


Ideal for long reining and general riding.

Designed in Australia.

This bit is also available without the copper rollers. 


RRP $120

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Snaffle D Bit
Written by Janet Goodman on 22nd Sep 2020

I love how well this bit is made and how it doesnt cause any pain. My TB played with the roller at first , being a new feeling for him. Our first ride in it was great, he was very responsive to the lightest pressure. I would definately reccomend this bit

Horse bit
Written by Michelle on 25th Sep 2019

Great bit, horse loves it and more responsive making him softer to Handle. Am buying more for other horses.

Written by Lucy Scarlett on 18th Mar 2019

This bit is perfect! Love it

D Bit snaffle
Written by Kevin Jericho on 6th Nov 2018

Fits nice in the mouth. The copper stimulates saliva to keep the mouth moist. The restriction of the centre joint stops the nut cracker effect. My horses are very comfortable with this piece of equipment.

Very happy with my purchase
Written by Jennie Gilliver on 16th Aug 2018

I purchased this bit as my horse did not like the jointed snaffle that I was using. i thought I was already using a soft bit but it was pointed out that I was not. I looked at the bit in my horses mouth and agreed. a friend suggested I try the bit from Double Dan Horsemanship. I have only been using it for two days but my horse seems very much happier in it.

excellent bit
Written by Sarah on 12th Nov 2017

My horse has really responded well to this bit. I feel like I have more control and he appears to enjoy the copper inlay and I feel like I am not putting him in any discomfort with the old two piece bit. Really thankful for this bit and really happy with it.

Recommended Snaffle D Bit
Written by Sally on 23rd May 2017

I had a trainer recommend the Snaffle D Bit for my green horse as he uses it on all his breakers and ongoing training horses. My horse responds exceptionally well and we are working together a lot better. I would highly recommend this bit.

Snaffle D bit
Written by Debbie on 13th Dec 2016

This is the second bit I have purchased. I purchased the first one when Double Dan had a clinic in Winton a couple of years ago. I use it on my young horses as it fits well and they go kindly with it. This one is a gift for a friend as she was having trouble with her horse and I said for her to try my bridle. Her horse went kinder whilst using this bit and she was impressed with the bit.

Nice and soft
Written by Margaret on 3rd Nov 2016

I bought this bit at a clinic I attended, my horses feel softer and seem to accept this bit a lot better, I now use it on all my youngsters, when breaking them in. Have two bits now, and will be getting more for sure .

Snaffle D Bit
Written by Kayla on 19th Jun 2015

Quality product that truly sells itself! Thank you Dan Steers for explaining how it works in comparison to other bits.

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