Body Control Basics Under Saddle DVD

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Building on the lessons from Ground Control, Dan Steers takes you through the nine Double Dan Horsemanship exercises to gain control of the 5 main body parts: the head and neck, shoulders, ribcage and hind quarters.

Whether working with a young horse, refining an older horse or improving a riders understanding and control, Body Control Basics Under Saddle takes you through the fundamentals to achieve flexibility and softness. Educate circles, lead departures and changes, roll backs and more are dependent on body control and by following the Double Dan Horsemanship techniques you will become a better rider and develop a more supple horse with a willing attitude.


1. Introduction

2. Ground control review

3. Body control and positioning from the ground

4. Body control under saddle with leg yield

5. Barrel exercise

6. Fence exercise

7. Reverse arc with turn on the hindquarter

8. Spiral in, spiral out

9. Square pattern

10. Serpentine

11. Hip Control

12. Cool down


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Best Instructional DVD
Written by Serena on 25th Sep 2018

This would have to the best instructional DVD on riding basics under saddle. Love the way its broken down into different exercises which are all really well explained. Already seeing a big difference in my horse responding to me and understanding what I am asking him. Has clarified so many things I was unsure of. Best money I have spent in a long while!!

Excellent DVD - arrived quickly
Written by Renee on 14th May 2017

Great DVD with great visual. Very informative and easy to understand. Postage arrival was very quick. Can't wait to get started with my gelding.

Definately worth purchase
Written by Caz on 28th Dec 2014

I have only recently purchased this DVD, but have already found that each day i have more direction and a plan when i head out to ride. easy to understand and put into practice. i just watch a section over my morning coffee, then head out and give it a go. Getting there! Thanks guys!!

Great dvd
Written by kirstin murray on 12th Oct 2014

I enjoyed the pointers in this dvd, especially with having a green horse that has had the groundwork, but now needs more saddle time. thank you :)

clear & easy to understand
Written by Jodie on 9th Apr 2013

the guys have put together a very good DVD that clearly explains each step to follow - have worked my mare through the other DVDs to this one, and it is amazing how quickly she picks things up!! Its good to have such easy to understand steps to work towards getting the best out of your horse and furthering their training. Thanks guys, & looking forward to the next DVD!

Review of Body Control Basics Under Saddle
Written by Sue on 13th Mar 2013

Dan Steers has a very natural way of explaining body control basics. He points out that there are no shortcuts and the dvd is a great build on the previous series and the schools.

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